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Group rates apply to groups with 8 services or more.

Special event? Bring the group to relax at Aloe Wimberley!

A group spa day is great for anything from a bachelor or bachelorette party, to a bridal shower, birthday, family reunion, anniversary, employee appreciation day and more!

Here at Aloe Wimberley you can receive 10% off each service with 8 services or more. 

Because we are located within walking distance of the Wimberley Square and many Wimberley hot spots, there is plenty for everyone to do while other group members are receiving their services.  
We also offer packages to create the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible!
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More personalization?

** prices are additional to services**

Marble Surface

Rent the spa for the day!


Close our doors to the general public for the day! Enjoy the spa in a more private environment and set the space however you like. 

Marble Surface

Tent Set Up 


Want to spread out without leaving the spa? We can provide an outdoor pop up tent along with seating to allow your group to enjoy the outside air (and be as loud as they want!) while awaiting their services. This is a great addition to renting the spa for the day.

Marble Surface

Snack & Beverage Package

 30+ (prices vary based on season, number of group members, and preferences)

Plan on hanging out? Aloe Wimberley can provide snacks and beverages based on your group's preferences. This can range from fruit and vegetable trays to tacos to sweet treats! We will bring in what you and your group want. 

Marble Surface

Tent + Snack & Beverage Package

50+ (prices vary based on season, number of group members, and preferences)

Enjoy your group's personalized snack and beverage choices right outside the spa while awaiting services and soaking in each other's company!

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