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Discover what it is about our services that makes us unique. Read on to learn exactly what each service is and how it can be tailored to you!

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30 Minute Massage

If you don't have a lot of time, but want a certain spot worked out, 30 minutes of massage therapy can help your muscles feel better without taking up too much of your time. Like all massage sessions at Aloe, this is completely customized for you.


60 Minute Massage

Each massage is customized for your needs using blended techniques of Swedish & deep tissue. You may experience reduced muscle tension/stiffness, improved blood circulation, decreased stress, & more! All massages include Aromatherapy upon request!


90 Minute Massage

Looking to relax and also focus on some trouble spots? This session gives you time to do it all! Your massage therapist can help you choose which techniques will be best for you.  All massages include aromatherapy on request!


Hand & Foot Massage

45 minutes of customized massage just in the areas you want it most. Give those hard working hands and feet some needed relaxation and tension relief!

$75 45 minutes

Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Add 15 minutes of scalp massage to your appointment massage or facial. Coconut oil and essential oils selected for your scalp/hair concerns will leave your hair shiny and nourished.

$30 15 minutes

Celluma LED Light Therapy

Celluma Pro LED light therapy has settings for acne, anti-aging, and to reduce joint and muscle pain. It can be added to another service, or you can receive a 30 minute phototherapy treatment on its own. Relax and let the light do the work!

$50 30 minutes

Add on Cupping

Extend another service by adding 30 minutes of cupping therapy. This is a great way to try cupping for the first time, or to add targeted cupping techniques for specific issues or injuries.  Ask your therapist about the many options available!

$45 30 minutes

Chocolate & Strawberry Facial

Created to comfort dry, irritated or sunburned skin, we begin with our Coconut Milk Cleanser, a gentle cream cleanser which uses rich coconut milk to nurture skin for a dewy, fresh finish.

Next, our arctic berry enzyme exfoliant breaks down and removes dead skin to leave your skin feeling refreshed and new. A blend of four antioxidant-rich plants prevent the visible signs of aging, while essential vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids replenish the skin’s moisture and restore the appearance of elasticity.

After our peel, leave skin looking refreshed, plumped and hydrated with a replenishing cream strawberry masque. Formulated with our Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Complex, shea butter, grape seed oil, and vitamin-rich strawberry and rhubarb, this gently exfoliating masque purifies, soothes and revitalizes dry skin for a nourished-looking glow.

Our second mask is our Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque which fights the visible signs of aging. A healthy dose of antioxidant-rich cocoa is great for your skin, and macadamia, almond and jojoba oils provide deep hydration to leave your skin looking smooth and refreshed. This facial is suitable for all skin types.

$150 60 minutes
$100 45 minutes

Aloe Hydrafacial

The aloe HydraFacial includes all the steps of the patented HydraFacial plus tension-melting massage of the arms, hands, neck, shoulders and face. Extra skincare steps are included from our natural and organic back bar based on your specific needs.

$220 75 minutes

Aloe Pre-Teen Facial

For pre-teens, 10-12 years of age. Includes a cleanse, light exfoliation, mask, and high frequency. If extractions are needed they can be added on, or upgraded to our Aloe Teen Facial.

$85 30 minutes

Self Care & Massage Online Consultation

Massage is wonderful for so many concerns, such as stress and anxiety, headache, neck and back pain to name just a few. Our licensed massage therapist has over 20 years of experience empowering others to learn self care techniques at home.

$30 30 minutes

45 Minute Massage

This is perfect for hitting your hot spots, without time spent where you don't want it, or if you need more than 30 minutes and don't have an hour. All of our massage sessions include aromatherapy on request, and are completely customized for you!


75 Minute Massage

When 60 minutes just isn't enough time and you want extra focus, choose this option for more time where you need it most. All massages include Aromatherapy on request, and are completely customized for you.


120 Minute Massage

Two full hours of massage therapy, customized just for you! Need we say more? All massages include a combination of therapeutic massage techniques and aromatherapy upon request.


Raindrop Technique

Raindrop uses a sequence of essential oils that support the seven body systems. Essential oils are known to boost stamina and energy, help you relax, help manage stress and frustration, and promote overall health, vitality and longevity. The oils are dispensed in little drops from above the body then are massaged along the spine and back muscles. The process takes an hour and may continue to work in the body for up to one week after the session. 

$120 60 minutes

Aloe Sole Treatment

Treat your feet! This add on service begins with dry brushing and a footbath in warm water with castor oil, epsom salt, and an essential oil of your choice. Next your feet are massaged while being exfoliated with Eminence Charcoal Jell Cleanser followed by a refreshing 10 minute foot mask including more massage. The service finishes with a nice rinse and hot towel wrap. 

$50 3o minutes

Castor Oil Detox

Begins with a 15-minute dry brushing session followed by warm castor oil applied to the abdomen & covered with warm rice packs. While the castor oil does its work, you will receive foot reflexology for 30 minutes, followed by abdominal massage.

$125 60 minutes

Aloe Pure Facial

Using Eminince Organics products, this service includes cleanse, exfoliation, multiple masks, extractions, high frequency, arm/hand massage, neck/shoulder massage, scalp massage, and a face lifting massage.

$140 60 minutes

Aloe Pure Plus Facial

Customized with products by OsmosisMD, this facial will include a cleanse, exfoliation, masks, extractions, high frequency, a light peel and massage of the arms, hands, neck, shoulders and the face.

$185 75 minutes

Aloe Mini Facial

Great for when you need a quick pick me up. Leaves skin deeply cleansed, hydrated and refreshed! Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, a little massage, tone and plenty of hydration.

$65 30 minutes

Aloe Teen Facial

For teens 13 -19 years of age. Includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation and high frequency with extra time for extractions and masks as needed, plus LED light therapy.

$120 60 minutes


Hydrabooster (Add on)               $50

Express Hydrafacial 30 minutes $95

Essential Hydrafacial 45 minutes $190

Aloe Pure Hydrafacial 60 minutes $220

$220 60 minutes

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30 min
90 min
hot oil scalp massage
castor detox
aloe pure plus facial
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Waxing menu

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chin 25
ear 20
full arm 65
half arm 40
full leg 95
half leg 30
full back 55
half back 35
full face 60
lip 25
neck 35
nose 20
side burn 20
underarm 35

Waxing wimberley texas, leg wax, back wax, under arm wax, brazilian wax, back wax, arm wax, leg wax
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