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Remnant Jewelry - Prices vary

remnant collage.jpg

Drink Drapes - $5

drink drapes.JPG

Handmade by members of our Aloe family, keep your beverage bug free while relaxing outdoors.

Handmade by two wonderful women in Austin, these beautiful ceramic pieces are dainty and proceeds go towards efforts against human trafficking. 

Lavender Mint Chiki Buttah Whipped Body Butter
- 8oz $40 - 4oz $25

large lavender chiki.JPG

Sacred Woods Chiki Buttah Whipped Body Butter
- 8oz $40 - 4oz $25

large sacred chiki.JPG
small sacred chiki.JPG
small lavender chiki.JPG

Made in Austin, this velvety smooth, whipped body butter uses pure organic virgin oils. Shea butter paired with coconut, almond and avocado oil comprise this super moisturizing and deeply nourishing product. It is loaded with essential fatty acids such as Vitamin A and E, the nutrients necessary for collagen production and restoring moisture to the skin.

Her Royal Hemptress
CBD Muscle Rub - $75

Her Royal Hemptress
Chakra Bliss Body Oil - $75

her royal hemptress rub for at home massage and self care
her royal hemptress oil.JPG

Made right here in Wimberley, this rub is formulated with a generous serving of full-spectrum cannabidiol (500mg) and a potent blend of analgesic herbs that cause a warming sensation. Perfect for use on sore muscles and swollen joints. 

Made right here in Wimberley, this is a luscious body oil with a unique blend of antioxidant-rich botanicals and 400mg of full-spectrum CDB work together to deeply nourish, calm, and soothe. 

Dry Brush - $5

dry brushes to aid skin care for health and wellness

Dry brushes have many benefits including increasing circulation, reducing cellulite, exfoliating and stimulating your lymphatic system. These all natural brushes are made to be brushed toward the heart before a shower followed with a heavy moisturizer. 

gua sha stone.JPG

Gua Sha Stone - $26

Gua Sha stones have many benefits including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, increase circulation, reduce muscle tension, and promotes lymphatic drainage. 

Zen Soap CO. Crystal Bar Soap - $13

crystal soap.JPG

These soap bars are vegan friendly and come with either an amethyst or citrine crystal inside. 

Tongue Scraper - $5

toung scraper.JPG

Remove harmful bacteria, prevent cavities, improve the appearance of your tongue and prevent bad breath with these copper tongue scrapers! 

Benjamin Soap CO. Bath Salts - $6

ben soap co salts.JPG

Bath salts made from all natural, wild harvested ingredients made just north of Austin. Leave your skin feeling fresh, soft, and smelling great!

Benjamin Soap CO. Bath Bomb - $8

ben soap co bath bomb.JPG

Cruelty free and made from all natural wild harvested ingredients north of Austin, these bath bombs are great for enjoying a nice relaxing soak.

Nasch and CO. Earrings - $26

nasch earrings.JPG

Zen Soap CO. Bar Soap - $8

bar soap.JPG

These soap bars are made from natural ingredients and scented with essential oils to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. 

Nasch and CO. earrings are made right here in Wimberley by a local artist. Light weight and one of a kind, they are the perfect addition to any outfit. 

Inventive Recovery Gel - $37

Inventive Restorative Beauty Butter - $40

incentives recovery gel.JPG
incentives butter.JPG

This anti-inflammatory gel repairs irritated, dehydrated, or burned skin for all skin types. An excellent source of essential calming nutrients, this aloe vera-based formula promotes cellular repair. 

Recovery Gel is made with comfrey, used to calm inflammation, aloe vera, known for its healing, regenerative, and even mystical properties, and copper, a natural mineral humectant. 

This luxurious moisturizer and body lotion suits all skin types. Rich in natural emollients and essential fatty acids, it provides deep conditioning to eliminate dryness, wrinkles, rough patches, and sun damage. Made with shea butter, a healing compound, argan oil, an ancient, revitalizing compound, and hemp seed oil, which contains micro-minerals for skin rejuvenation. 

Inventive Soothing Oat Mask - $24

incentives oat mask.JPG

This soothing, moisture-rich mask cleanses impurities and exfoliates while relieving redness. Ideal for treating sensitive skin, acne, and Rosacea, this soothing purifier is calming, hypoallergenic, and highly restorative. Made with bergamot, an antiseptic for eczema and acne, chamomile, a mild antimicrobial agent, and comfrey, used to calm inflammation.

Inventive Herbal Healing Emulsion - $68

Incentives emulsion.JPG

This aloe-based formula suits all skin types, especially sensitive skin. A blend of healing and anti-inflammatory herbs offer relief to skin irritations like excessive dryness, minor rashes, burns, and itchy skin. 

Inventive Simply Jojoba Oil -
4oz $37
2oz $12

Incentive jojoba oil.JPG

Simply Jojoba Oil is a handmade all natural oil and an ideal multi-use product. Use as a cleanser or moisturizer, or mix with Environmental Cleanser or Soothing Oat Mask to add to those products' moisturizing properties.

ROAM You Dew You - $10

ROAM Glow On - $10

ROAM you do you.JPG
ROAM glow on.JPG

These calming mists are perfect to ground and connect you with natural essential oils while filling the air with a soft pleasant scent.

These body oils nourish with rich camellia seed, powerful jojoba and fast absorbing sunflower oil for a naturally radiant glow while hints of sweet orange and warm vanilla uplift and energize or calm with lavender. 

ROAM Soak It In - $8

ROAM soak it in.JPG

A bath can truly be a transformative experience. These luxe bath salts are infused epsom salt, magnesium and pure lavender or vanilla orange essential oil to help you relax and unwind.

ROAM Candle - $32

ROAM candle.JPG

Pure soy candle in matte cream glass vessel scented with premium, all-natural, phthalate-free oils for a strong hot and cold scent throw. Large glass vessels are 4" tall by 3.75" wide.  Wicks are lead-free, large cotton to ensure a clean, even burn.

Indigo Sky - $300

art 1.JPG

Oil painting made by local artist Nancy Hampton Eliott.

Ocean Breeze - $300

art 2.JPG

Oil painting made by local artist Nancy Hampton Eliott. **slightly damaged frame**

A Thousand Doorways - $2850

art 3.JPG

Acrylic and ink painting made by local artist Margaret Stone. 33"x60" each


Osmosis & Eminence listings coming soon!

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